Friday, June 26, 2009

Dia Islam ker???

I was driving and listening to Hot FM while Fara & FBI were discussing about the death of King Of Pop and the icon of Moonwalker.

About a seconds later, there was a ring from my mobile as incoming message indicator. Me took my handphone and there is a message from a friend

"Sedihnya. Michael Jackson dah disahkan meninggal dunia. AlFatihah"

My instant reply (eventhough I'm driving in a hectic jammed at that time - kanak2 jangan tiru perbuatan merbahaya ini)

"Yup, I'm listening to a bunch of his music ritenow! But, is he a muslim? I thought his brother is the one who convert to Islam, his relogion is uncertainty, aight?"

So, sesampai sahaja di tempat letak kereta... eagerly me open the google to find about the truth.

SUN EXCLUSIVE: MICHAEL JACKSON has become a Muslim - and changed his name to Mikaeel.

The skint superstar, 50, donned Islamic garb to pledge allegiance to the Koran in a ceremony at a pal's mansion in Los Angeles, The Sun can reveal.

Jacko sat on the floor wearing a tiny hat after an Imam was summoned to officiate - days before the singer is due to appear at London's High Court where he is being sued by an Arab sheik.

A source told last night how Jacko, brought up as a Jehovah's Witness, decided to convert as he used a studio at the home of his chum to record a new album.

The star - whose hits include The Way You Make Me Feel - was spotted looking "a bit down" by a producer and a songwriter who had both embraced Islam.

Owh, OK. Alfatihah Mikael Jackson.

P/S: Sana sini sinun sumer pasang lagu dier. Duh!


~Eila @ Along~ said...

ye la..ramai jugak anatr sms pagi2 kan...eila pun pk gak..islam ke die..ok bila jane dah reveal gini..mmg benar la die

Opie said...

sian die..tak sempat nak beraya & puasa to all jans..jgn le taksub sgt...yg pergi ttp pergi..kite yg tinggal nih harus la teruskan perjalanan hidup..

jane_doe3328 said...


me pon memula konpius gak. but a fren of mine cakap abang MJ dah buat press conference that he is a muslim


hahaha, raya lak yg ngko ingat eh :P

Hamdan said...

Al fatihah for him..bagusnya meninggal hari jumaat kan??

Syima Syaz said...

yap,dia mmg muslim.
really sad now he's gone!

Hamdan said...

Jane, ni Zaila ni..terguna account husband lak..ahaks;)

Mrs LVoe said...

yup, he's Muslim.. smoga roh dia dtempat org2 yg beriman.. bagus mninggal dlm bulan rejab.. hilang semua dosa2 & seksa kubur.

KV said...

a'a sibuk sehari dia ni pasal mikaeel meninggal. Eh, akak pun baru tau nama islam dia mikaeel. Hehe