Thursday, June 11, 2009

Aku marah sangat nieee

Owh my God.... I am soooo pissed off right now!!!!!

Ok let me story mory, I am doing some surfing of comforter set for Sang Junior. And i found this fabulous set at one online shopping

Is it gorgeous for a 3 years old kid who is pasionately lurve the superheroes? So me pon proceed with all the hassle and payment thru my credit card.

And only, I mean only after the payment was successful and approved, the seller contact me by saying that the item is already out of stock!!!!

Wah terkujat daku. If so, why did in the web stated that the item available?

Mak marah nyaaaahhhhh!!! Suka suki ngko ajer yer!!! So aku pon startlah mengaummmmmm!!!!! I did some calls to the bank if they can cancel the transaction, to the (the payment via credit card service) and also to the web owner.

Me also shoot a complaint email to the web owner, asking them to refund back my money or I'll lodge a police report regarding the fraud and also to SKMM.

The act quite fast. They immediately email the web owner and me

I did call the web owner and he promised to refund back within 5 working days. We will see...


jezalmy said...

Wish you get back ur money soon

jane_doe3328 said...

Itulah. Hopefully dapat balik :(

Mrs LVoe said...

dpt balik x laling?

Syima Syaz said...

mesti dapat
saya penah beli baju tp kaler yang saya nak takde,diorang refund balik by chq..

inas said...

cantik cadar~