Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sokonglah Hope2Walk!

I was comfortably eating Nasi Berlauk when TV3 thru MHI aired a section where a mom, while holding her helpless kid is kissing another daughter of her yang dah siap dikafankan!

OMG, being me and my ratu airmata when it is involved kids.....airmata memang dah bergenang giler2. I cant cry there sebab tengah makan kat kedai. Huhu, abis mkn cepat2 masuk keta terus nages eventhough I'm clueless giler pasal apa, siapa and gapo hok jadi.

Belek2 blackberry, me ada baca one of my friend also commented about the samething and from there i learnt about annisa and annur; also both of their parents whom Allah has granted them with segunung kesabaran, ketabahan dan keredhaan.

Those who still dont have your own child and think that they have been tested by Allah, believe me, this parents has been tested more alot than you are!

"Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan menguji umatNya dengan ujian yang tidak mampu diharungi mereka"

After knowing the name, I get help from Pakcik Google to answer my question about them. And poofff....magically done, by just one click to , I've learnt alot - also alot of airmata (cant find myself to stop crying, yes...i'm so weak kalau pasal bebudak)

Therefore, my dear blogger friends, saya disini dengan segala tulus ikhlas ingin memohon bantuan anda semua untuk menyokong Hope2Walk campaign. Luangkan sedikit masa dan satu entry to promote the blog by hope this will increase people awareness about them and at the sametime asking others to spread this in their blog too. Demi adik Annur!

Kepada diva diva blogger semua, lets start this campaign together. Can we? If we have time to promote all those bags or gadgets, saya mohon agar kita luangkan sedikit masa for those who in need.

Hanya Allah yang mampu membayar all your kindness :)

p/s: i have no connection with them, and i just know about adik Annur today. It is just a mother instict that I have that make me made this move. Semoga anda semua dibawah keredhaan Allah :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kelas untuk bebudak

Hi there warga Shah Alam!

Nak tanya saper ada hantar anak2 gi kelas swimming ker, ballet, music, taekwando or art&craft kelas ker area Shah Alam ni

Or, you are the one who offered the class

boleh tak tinggalkan komen about the class and fee??

tgh dok tgkan above class for my kids

dah gi tgk kat empire mall, kan yang floor atas skali tu memang full with kids class jek

but, tempat mahal then the fee pon mahal gakle

I asked bentley music school, they charged rm200/ month for any instrument and one by one coach 4 times a month. Yang junior tuh laaa beriya sgt nak blaja main piano, but i thought of change it to keyboard kot. atleast keyboard tuh affordable sikit nak beli. hehe

about the ballet class plak, they charge rm120 month. also 4 times a week

the taekwando class, rm100 monthly, 4 times a month

the art & craft kelas, rm160 monthly, 4 times a month

and owh also a cooking class, rm61 per class. they got bakery class jugak tapi bayaran in term. dah lupa plak

all the classes that i put above are the one kat empire mall. memanglah everything just under one roof.

but itu, rasa cam pricey lak. ade tak sesape yang also hantar their kids to those class with cheaper fee?

please share eh. thank you :)