Monday, July 12, 2010

Good Bye World Cup 2010


Congratulation to Spain for their glory victory!!!!

Adekah korang berjaga untuk tengok??

YUp, me jaga....for 10 seconds kut. Haha

Definately not a good mate for football watcher.

Seriously I dont get the hype to see ball running here and there :(

On the other hand, I got this is email sent by a friend


Dont you think so????

I want one for my father! Buat basahan gi semayang kat masjid. Haha


Nurhayati said...

tak tgk pun.. dah membuat taik mata hihihi
wah buat basahan gi semayang.. harus semua orang dengki pasni.

SyimaSyaz said...

itu cam super imposed je...

tgk......... sampai habis!sampai channel 802 dah tukar siaran la

ERMAYUM said...

heheh is the dress for real -happenning iya org arab haha