Tuesday, April 20, 2010

8 Shocking Things That Ruin Your Skin

1. Dry cleaning
You've been ambushed! Toxins around us turn into free radicals in the skin, breaking down collagen. We're talking exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke and...dry cleaning?! Yes, dry cleaning.

Counter attack Always remove dry cleaning from its bag to let it air. The solvents used in the process are toxic and you don't want them building up in your skin.

2. TOO MUCH sunblock
You've been ambushed! Many high SPF sunscreens contain a compound called oxybenzone, which acts as a potent chemical sun blocker. But when exposed to light, this compound breaks down and creates free radicals.

Counter attack Avoid SPF60+ sunscreens and those that contain oxybenzone. Also, bear in mind that darker skin tones shouldn't go higher than SPF 15 in the sun.

3. Being skinny
You've been ambushed! People with a high metabolic rate look older faster. Look at marathon runners. That's because the burning of fuel by our cells, i.e.your metabolism, produces free radicals. So, even while you're slumped on the sofa watching Glee, you're being attacked by these buggers.

Counter attack Slather on moisturisers packed with antioxidants. Anything containing idebenone is great for blitzing the free radicals.

4. AHA ignorance
You've been ambushed! AHAs like glycolic acid and lactic acid, commonly used in skin peels, have been getting a bad rep as cancer causing scum of the earth. But this isn't entirely true. Doing skin peels regularly thins skin making it more vulnerable to sunburn. It is this that in turn increases your risk of cancer.

Counter attack Most people get skin peels to brighten skin. No one's saying stop them altogether, but you might consider reducing the frequency of these treatments. Instead, supplement them with skin brightening products that contain niacinamide, humectants and peptides, or, anything that has mild salicylic acid.

5. Sweets
You've been ambushed! Eating lots of sugar (and refined foods like white bread and pasta) ages your skin. See, the plumpness you find in youthful skin comes from collagen. This is a protein. Sugar and protein are not friends. Sugar causes collagen to 'rust' and harden, resulting in those dreaded fine lines and brown spots on skin.

Counter attack Ditch the jelly beans. Invest in a peptide powerhouse product. According to dermatologist, peptide technology is the new way forward in skincare.

6. Dehydration
You've been ambushed! OK, so this one isn't exactly an ambush, but have you ever wondered why you need to drink all that water for skin to be healthy? When water levels in the skin drop below 13% (you'll know you're at this code red stage when your face feels taut and looks dull), skin will sap moisture from the dermis, where new cells are produced.

Counter attack Form a 'reservoir' of moisture to help care for skin all day and boost its self-hydrating powers. That means, piling on the moisturiser and guzzling lots of H2O.

You've been ambushed! No, not the ugly slick that builds up on skin as the day progresses, but essential oils like rose and geranium. Their tiny molecules travel right through the dermis, where they unleash superb regenerative powers at the core cellular level of skin.

Counter attack Skincare's latest 'buzz' ingredient is apple seed extract - it has been found to stimulate collagen production.

8. Botox
You've been ambushed! Botox keeps face muscles toned and prevents sagging. But, constantly freezing muscles is definitely not a great long term solution in the quest for youth. Muscles never really get used to this constant paralysis, and will, over time waste away causing your features to droop.

Counter attack In the UK, a headset-like gadget stimulates facial muscles with electro currents to promote firmness. But, since it's not available here, we say embrace aging.

Taken from: http://lifestyle.malaysia.msn.com

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