Monday, July 25, 2011

Talking about ketinggalan!

I just bring the kids to see the below-mentioned show last Saturday!

Haha, ketinggalan giler right!!!

Taktaulah the show tuh start from which month, but i bet it was started ages ago!

And being vain, I just search which cinema that still shown it without made earlier booking

Sebab sangat sahih, cite dah lama giler manade org nak tengok

So I just heret the kids and my sista, walk in when it was going to start in 5 minutes time

Dan adelah tekejut beruk sangat bile tahu all seats are FULL except for 3 seats at the first front!!!!

Eh danggggg! And I thot I was the one who left behind dan dah takde orang nak tengok. Grrrr

Since the kids already in hype mode, I bought the only left tixs and prayed nothing will happen to my neck

After watching, I got it OK! The movie was fun and hilarious!! Even me dont mind to see they movie again :D Since there were parts that I missed while tried to catch Little Miss who running around the cinema :(


Ermayum said...

ada lagi ye cite ni i tengok masa dia masa awal2 dulu rasa cam dah lama heheh cute kan panda

jane_doe3328 said...

itulah pasal i thought everyone have seen it and presumed the cinema akan kosong!