Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Spring Cleaning!!!!!

Hello!!! Im helping a friend of mine doing her spring cleaning :D

So, kalau sesiapa berminat sila email me: jane_doe3328@yahoo.com

Dont worry, all her items are aunthentic :)

CHRISTIAN DIOR - Denim Banana Bag

RM 800.00

(Bought in UK in the early 2000)

Bag info;
- Zip enclosure
- Non-adjustable strap
- You can see from the picture that the plastic cover of the hardware still intact

GUCCI - Black GG Fabric with Leather Trimming


(Bought in UK in the early 2000)

Bag info;
-Lock enclosure
-Non-adjustable strap
-Small zip compartment inside


Kyuubi said...

woo. lawa a beg ni. tapi aku takan beli sebab aku x pkai handbag! ngahahaha

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nasaoji said...

canteekkk... ;p